Showroom M8 Mebel: from idea to realization

Showroom should be not just beautiful. It must stir the imagination.

It is the first thing we thought when had decided: it is time for a new showroom M8 Mebel.

We have been thinking for a long time on the design and shape of the racks, moved samples of quartz stone carefully selecting the best combination of textures, discussed additional decorative elements with the designer.

Now we are ready to show the result. Take a look or better come to our office and enjoy our creation.

As a result:
  • 8 variants of design conception
  • 2 months of rework
  • totally unusual shapes
  • own producing
  • the result which fulfilled all our expectation

The main theme of the design conception is the possibilities of quartz stone, which we wanted to show in our design solution:

The edge can become the focus point
We challenged a world common approach of kitchen design, when the edge between the surfaces should be removed or disguised. Creative courage and enthusiasm of the team that worked on this project helped to show an amazing solution to you - zigzag connection. However, in fact, it can be of different shapes and sizes.

The side that resembles clouds
We initially refused strict and straight lines. Quartz stone is not only rude and straightforward solutions. We have tried to choose an approach that will completely change your perception of the kitchen surfaces.

As you can see, such design may look great in the kitchen and combine with the elements of the bar areas or become a hallmark of the office space.

Perfect symmetry and subtle contrasts
Modern style of the products is expressed by a texture Pure White, a tone of soft granite Bianko Drift, black and light beige tones with light stains Coastal Grey.

Fascinating scale
The material, which is produced from natural quartz chips, has an excellent appearance. Samples are not always enough to enjoy all its beauty. Therefore, racks facades are also entirely made of quartz stone.

Designed as a work of art and made by M8 Corporation
Some time ago we opened business in the framework of M8 Mebel - processing of quartz stone. Patterns, cutting, edge processing – that is all that we have done on our own production.

In the limelight:
Brand: Caesarstone 
Texture: Pure White, Bianko Drift, Coastal Grey 
Production: M8 Corporation

Creating a showroom has taken away a lot of efforts, but gave strong emotions. Come and let us share!

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