M8 Effect is the most experienced M8 Corporation company

Today we’d like to remind you about our most experienced M8 Corporation company.

We are M8 Effect Company, a direct supplier of materials and equipment for advertising business.


С 1992 года создаем рынокWorking with us, you begin to understand what a reliable partnership, professional approach to business and 100% customer focus mean.

Our professional teams work in every regional center of our country. We work for your projects to decorate our country. Today, 65% of visual advertising in the country is made by means of M8 Effect materials.

Команда М8 Эффект *see the whole team

Possessing exclusive rights of world famous manufacturers of materials and equipment, M8 effect is focused on the quality and requirements of the Belarusian market. You can find everything necessary for advertising business in one place:

  • Sheet materials
  • Films and materials for large format printing
  • Profile systems and LED products
  • Mobile exhibition stands and flagpoles
  • Equipment

We don’t just sell advertising materials, we help our clients to produce different goods by means of the next types of our service:

  • Milling cutting and engraving
  • Laser cutting
  • Formatting and cutting of sheet materials
  • Face cutting of frame aluminum profiles
  • Face cutting of rolled materials

You can appreciate the quality of M8 goods and services direct directly on the M8 Corporation territory, because we use all the materials and services that are offered to you by ourselves.

Well, every year we adorn our territory with M8 Effect flags this way.
The fabric is printed on the Mimaki textile printer.

Флаги Минск
The decoration of the central sales office in Minsk was done with the help of printing on the Mimaki UCJV 300-160 wide format printer on self-adhesive film and drawing it on an aluminum composite by means of a wide format tablet laminator Vroller.

Офис продаж М8

The projects made by means of our materials show a doubtless quality of our production and our clients’ trust.

Проект ТРЦ Galleria Minsk. Использованы материалы М8 Эффект *Plexiglass, monolithic polycarbonate, PVC, aluminum, LEDs
Shopping and Entertainment Center Galleria, Minsk


Unique show room

Шоу-рум М8 ЭффектThere are some working equipment units that are represented in it. Moreover our service center of maintenance and repair works of advertising equipmentis open for you. Our engineers provide services throughout Belarus.

Шоу-рум М8 Эффект

6 branches throughout Belarus

Офисы в 6 регионах Республики БеларусьYou can find our office + warehouse in Minsk, Brest, Vitebsk, Gomel, Grodno, Mogilev

The total area of our warehouses in the regions is 5700 m²

Склады во всех регионах
The main goods items are always in stock

6100 km passed by our own transport
Собственный транспорт М8 Эффект

Собственный транспорт Корпорации М8- 5 days a week, our trucks deliver goods in all the regions of our country. Every our truck passes 6100 km a month delivering goods in different regions

We are full of energy and are ready to do our best for our clients. We are full of ideas and our ideas are not only kept on a paper, we are really willing to work.

You can contact our specialists by phone numbers:

+375 (17) 239 09 50; +375 (29) 357 76 82

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Visit any of our branches. We are ready to offer you a solution of any your problem.

Центральный офис М8 Эффект
*Centeral office in Minsk, Briketa str. 27