24 years of success

M8 Corporation turned 24 years on June 1, 2016 and we spent that day under the slogan «M8 DRIFT».

An incredible amount of events has happened this year that we will remember at least another next 24 years:
  • we have opened a new business line - M8 3D LAB - center of 3D-technology in Belarus;
  • we have expanded a range of new brands and materials: hand-molded bricks S.Anselmo and Engles, water drainage system made of PVC Marley, quartz stone TechniStone, HPL-plastic ARPA, live advertisement AirSystem, PTFE and frizilen;
  • we have begun to provide services for sawing slabs of quartz;
  • we have opened a new showroom of our materials on the territory of M8 Corporation;
  • we have opened offices in new regions for us;
  • we have participated in the implementation of the important projects in Belarus;
  • we have organized an unforgettable event for the largest dealers in the projects «M8 Weekend» and «M8 Club»;
  • we have published a colorful guide to the world of design and architecture «M8 Projector».

And this is only a small part of what has happened this year. We always say that innovation is our passion. And that is what we really want to «infect» our Partners and Customers. We hope that we have managed to do that and will do that even better every year.