M8 Corporation

Complex supplier of materials, technologies and equipment for modern solutions in lighting, construction, industry, surface decoration, advertising production and printing.

Why we call us M8 Corporation

"M" – stands for materials, "8" – is a reverted infinity sign.

The infinite choice of materials and infinitely many solutions for their applications. M8 Corporation is a remarkable environment for the endless development, creativity, and great achievements of our Customers, Partners and Colleagues.

Do what we love for 27 years

Let the story begin: «We, the young and enterprising graduates of Minsk Universities, organized our first business for the production of outdoor advertising. We were full of courage, confidence and love for what we did. This became the foundation of the business and is our ideology now»
Concentrating on the supply of innovative materials for the production of visual advertising, make them available all over the country
Investment in modern European materials becomes our passion. From now on we offer roofing materials which become the basis of our future business line M8 Pravilny Dom
We keep on growing and open regional offices
We found the lightest company – Avilux
Rethinking development strategy become M8 Corporation. Focus on the separation of business lines: M8 Pravilny Dom, M8 Effect, M8 Plastiki, M8 Mebel 
Introducing to market our own brands: M-art, M-clear, M-foam, M-magnetic, M-easyjet, M-flex, M-led, M-stand, M-eco flex, M-tex pro , M-solar, M-tex crystal, M-bond, M-fibercore
Expanding the range of M8 Effect professional equipment for the advertising business. Open the first in the country Technopark with formatting and milling services
Found M8 City with their own production of skylights and smoke hatches
Hooray! We are in social networks now. Stay in touch with us 24h on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube
Another logistics service record: they have managed to pack one truck with goods from 18 suppliers from 10 countries in one week
Website www.m8life.by is launched! Check out our guiding principles, core values and open vacancies there. It’s really worth visiting
Develop a unique recruitment management system HRP.BY
Open M8 3D LAB – Belarusian 3D-Technology Center
We've found a solution for our customers to solve their problems in the quickest and most convenient way. So, we decided to launch ZUKER.BY online store
We also open a new unit of M8 Furniture branch Detop. Detop sells finished products made of artificial stone. 
M8 Effect moved to a new office. We noticed that there is a need for more space and the availability of materials for selection and consultation.
The new showroom is one of the most exciting events for the M8 Effect 2019. An area of 100 sq.m - now 2.5 times more equipment! Proven and beloved brands are presented: Mimaki, Keencut, Vivid, Vroller.

Innovation is our passion!

It's not just words, it is the main idea of the M8 Corporation's business. The idea to make modern materials available to the market of Belarus captured our minds - for 27 years now we’ve been the first to successfully bring new solutions to our market. Innovations inspire us and give us strength to develop successfully in the construction industry, outdoor advertising, furniture industry, serial production and IT.

m8 pd
m8 effect
m8 mebel
m8 plast
m8 city

We can be proud of our work. Each citizen of Belarus enjoys the beauty we create: every second advertising signboard and more than 30 000 of public facilities have been made and renovated with the help of our materials; our illuminating engineering adorns all central squares and streets of the country. Nowadays M8 Corporation branches work in all regional cities of Belarus. We actively expand and always search new ideas and goals.
Our Customers and Employees are proud of M8 Corporation and their contribution in the most important and great projects of Belarus. You can download the presentation here.

М8 Corporation team

М8 Corporation is a team of young professionals who are full of energy,  hot-eyed and ready to move mountains. We are full of  ideas: bold, breathtaking, inspiring. They never remain on paper.  Less words – more action. Quickly, professionally, moving forward only. 

People, who like their job and always want to do more, come to M8 Corporation. We value abmbitious and initiative employees. One of the slogans of our company is “It is important not what you were doing, but what you did”. That is why all bureaucracy processes are minimized: there are no heavy paper reports, but every employee can make a request or offer directly to a chief manager.

M8 Corporation values team spirit and friendly atmosphere at the workplace; we think it is normal to say “Hi” to a stranger.

All this knowledge was given to us by the founders of M8 Corporation:
Vasiliy Ivankov
Vasiliy Ivankov Founder of M8 Corporation
Victor Makovchuk
Victor Makovchuk Founder of M8 Corporation
Alexey Vialchenkov
Alexey Vialchenkov Co-founder of Avilux
Ruslan Goncharik
Ruslan Goncharik Co-founder of M8 City
Become part of M8 team

We love our Customers

М8 Marketing

Are you in need of product samples? Do you want to make flyers with your contacts? Or get consulting services on how to customize your contextual advertising in the most effective way? Or maybe you don’t know where to get the material for your website?  

We are here at any time to answer these questions. Feel free to inquire and ask for help! 

Becoming better together!

We are focused on creating the best conditions for Dealers, thinking every day about development and new opportunities for your business. We understand that improving your skills contributes to our mutual success. That's why we arrange regular seminars and workshops for our Partners with our Suppliers and Manufacturers.  

Our project «Open the world with M8 Corporation» gives every Dealer of M8 Corporation an opportunity to win a trip to the largest plants of our Suppliers with a mandatory training and entertaining part. 

The right people - the right weekend!

Our Clients flew on a helicopter, took part in quad and tank rides in a forest, professionally tasted wine with a qualified sommelier, made cooking masterpieces with the help of the best chiefs of Minsk, got to know Dao philosophy during the tea ceremony, took part in a snowmobile race, played in a quest-room, took part in a StarWars duel, tried flyboard and many other things.   

Become a Partner of the season, and we will spend an unforgettable weekend together!
Work with M8 Corporation quicker and more effective!    

5 reasons to build a successful business with M8 Corporation

Our work - is not only to follow the innovations and offer you the best international brands. We set ourselves the task to make your work with M8 Corporation easier, more effective and more convenient.
Creating market since 1992
Working with M8 Corporation you’ll understand the true sense of the reliable Partnership, professional approach to the business and 100% Customer orientation.

We are good at numbers, especially at number 1
Most of the materials in our product range were brought to the market of Belarus by us. It means that we did not choose among suppliers "left", we chose the best.

8 branches as an office + warehouses all over Belarus You can easily have a consultation and get goods from our warehouses in every region in Belarus. Time is money. We made everything for you to save your time and improve your business. 
Complex problem solution
You can always expand the scope of your business: thanks to the wide product range of M8 Corporation you’ll surely find  the most elegant solutions to many challenges with any projects.

We smile

We always smile. You will feel our mood already at the first telephone conversation. Feel free to ask questions in any convenient way. Our team will help to find your way around  the market at any time.

«Thank you»

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